Blog #6 Games Past/Present

Playing REALLY Old Games.

On Sunday, I visited my cousins to try out old consoles like the Atari and the Sega Genesis he still has. Playing video games for a long time I’ve still found the games extremely boring. I started asking myself questions….



Back in the 70s, would I be interested in video games?

If I was born in the past, would I get interested in video games? At all?

Playing old games like pong and space invaders had amazing mechanics for its time and will always be remembered for its pioneering in gaming. It did bring some questions for my next blog though. Over the course of time, what brought in people and why? I asked my cousin what made him buy it?

“I’m guessing that playing interactive media was a cool concept during the old days and I wanted to see where it all began.”(Henry)

Golden Age     (mid 2000s)

The Playstation 2, PC, and the Game Cube was described as the golden age of video gaming. Computer games was another platform that had some amazing concepts. During this time, I was introduced to gaming by my cousins. Fully fleshed out stories were being developed with game play, games such as Half Life. World of Warcraft was a game that introduced new mechanics that many developers borrowed from. Etc Etc.

The Golden Age was considered a base and a pointer for games during the 2010s.

“I’ve noticed that First Person Shooters such as Doom 3 and Quake Arena, inspired us to create our Call of Duty series” CEO of Trey arch Peter Akemann.

It’s really because of its innovative mechanics during the time.Image result for quake 3


Games Today:

I asked some friends and family why they play games. All of them mainly say,” Its fun.”

Yes that is true but why that particular game?

William Huynh – Game – Counter Strike (Tactical Shooter)

“I like getting better and better at the game and playing with a group of friends on a team. There isn’t much content in it and the mechanics are simple to understand. But it’s really hard to master and its really competitive.”

Image result for counter strike global offensive

My Cousin – David – Metro 2033 (Immersive shooter)

“Game is really short, and the shooting is simple enough. But I just like how immersive it is, playing as a Russian in a metro with a bunch of monsters doesn’t sound like much but it works since it sucks you in. No interface, survival mechanics, and lack of ammo. Makes this game great”

Image result for metro 2033 redux

My Other Cousin Tran – Portal 2 (Puzzle/Platformer)

“This is a puzzle game that offers unique mechanics and game play that aren’t found in real life. Gaming today offers us different world and opportunities that couldn’t be done in real life, if its killing dragons or going through portals.”

Image result for portal 2





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